Thursday, 26 May 2016

install netbeans with jdk1.8 in ubuntu 14.04 LTS?

1. Firstly download the .rar file of netbeans from the
2. Now open terminal(ctrl+Alt+t).
3. Paste the command
         When it opens, run the command below to make the installer executable.
chmod +x ~/Downloads/jdk-8-nb-8-linux-*.sh
You may change the file name “jdk-8-nb-8-linux-*.sh” in the code to yours, also do this in next command.
4. Start the installer:
In the terminal run:
cd ~/Downloads && ./jdk-8-nb-8-linux-*.sh
This will bring up the install wizard. Just follow it and you’ll finally get the NetBeans IDE 8 installed on your system.
Install Netbeans 8.0 ubuntu 14.04